Creating ePortfolios with Web 2.0 Tools

by Dr. Helen Barrett

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Much of this work began with my Online Portfolio Adventure, where I recreated my presentation portfolio with at least 33 different online services, software and strategies between September 2004 and the present time. In 2006, I began exploring the use of Web 2.0 tools, and constructed portfolios using these tools. One advantage of Web 2.0 tools is that many of them are free, although WikiSpaces may place ads on the page. There is some concern about security in a K-12 school environment, so care should be taken when using these tools with children. In a recent blog entry, I discussed different Online Portfolio Strategies and developed a GoogleDocs page to compare a few of the different choices available.


My Sample Portfolio

Instructions (How-to's) (Wiki)
PBWiki (Wiki) (Blog)
Google Apps ePortfolio Mash Up with GoogleApps
GoogleDocs Document
(online word processor)
GoogleDocs Presentation
(online presentation builder)
Google Sites (Wiki)
Blogger Pages (2010)
AJAX Start Pages    

There are also "free" online portfolio tools that individuals can use. Below is a list of online tools available to educators. K12 schools could also use (a free online service to education by Oracle which requires an agreement signed with principals).


My Sample Portfolio

Carnegie Foundation's KEEP Toolkit
Epsilen (IUPUI) (for edu email addresses)

There are also the online web page development tools, such as Tripod or Yahoo's Geocities, but those sites usually have advertising on the pages.

For further information, consult my online article, Authentic Assessment with Electronic Portfolios using Common Software and Web 2.0 Tools.

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