Tutorials in PDF format

The following tutorials have been developed by Dr. Helen Barrett, to use off-the-shelf software to develop electronic portfolios.  These files are restricted from printing. For a information on ordering printable versions of these documents, see below.

All tutorials are in Adobe Acrobat format.

** These items are published on a CD-ROM that is available for $20 plus postage. There are printable versions of the PDFs on the CD, along with screen recording demonstration videos of how to complete many of the tasks. It also includes a new generic handbook with instructions covering each of my 5 stages of electronic portfolio development.  The CD covers the information that is similar to the online e-portfolio handbook that you can find online at http://helenbarrett.com/handbook/index.html plus a few portfolio samples and templates and A LOT of screen recordings. These are demonstrations of the various tasks that can be completed with the software, plus my narration to support "just-in-time" learning. That is why I made the materials online readable, but not printable, so that the information can be shared but the intellectual property rights protected. I hope you understand. For information on ordering the CD, contact Dan Barrett.

WWW Links to tutorials on iMovie (the "free" version #1 - Apple's (New Zealand) website by Jim Ferguson - MacWorks iMovie tutorial)

Atomic Learning free video tutorials on iMovie2

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