Digital Storytelling Tools

A brief guide to the tools of digital storytelling

The following list of software is listed in order of cost and ease-of-use.

You get what you pay for (except iMovie!).

O/S= Open Source software - S/W=Share Ware software
Trial Versions: T= # (free trial days)


Software-Macintosh OS X

Web 2.0

Software-Windows XP

iOS Devices

(iPhone 3GS/4, iPad, iPodTouch4G)


Script Editor any word processor Google Docs any word processor any text editor, Google Docs  
Audio Editors

Audacity O/S
SoundStudio ($50) T=14 days


Record MP3

Audacity O/S
Audio Record Wizard ($25 S/W)

AudioBoo, Voice Memos Microphone + Mixer
OR USB Microphone
Image Editors

Graphic Converter ($30 S/W)
Photoshop Elements ($100) T= 30 days

Aviary Tools

HP Image Zone Express
Graphic Converter ($20 S/W)
Photoshop Elements ($100)** T= 30 days

Adobe PS Express

Digital still camera
or Scanner

Video Editors

iLife Tools: iMovieHD & iPhoto*
*Bundled free with new hardware or OS, $49 upgrade
Photo To Movie ($50) T= watermark

Pro Tools:
Final Cut Express ($$)
Final Cut Pro ($$$$)


YouTube Editor

Microsoft MovieMaker2 (XP)†
Microsoft Plus! PhotoStory3

Slide Show Movie Maker
Photo to Movie
($30) T= watermark
Pinnacle Studio ($80-$99) T= 15 days
Ulead VideoStudio ($100) T= 30 days
Adobe Premiere Elements ($100)** T= 30 days
**Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements bundled price $150

Storyrobe, ReelDirector (all iOS devices)

iMovie, Splice
(iPad 2&3, iPhone 4, iPodTouch4G only)

Avid Studio
(iPad only)

Digital video camera

Teaching Yourself!
Below are some weblinks to help you teach yourself to use a few of these tools:
Online tutorial for MovieMaker2
††Online tutorial for PhotoStory

How to Prepare for a Digital Storytelling Workshop

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updated April 13, 2012