REAL* ePortfolio Academy for K-12 teachers
to be facilitated by
Dr. Helen Barrett

*REAL = Reflection, Engagement, and Assessment for Learning
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Contents below:
Individual Teacher Professional Development
School-level or District-level services
Model of E-Portfolio Learning
Descriptions of Online Courses Planned

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ISTE PostersIntroduction to Electronic Portfolios in K-12 Schools

Details on the Academy Program and Services:

Individual Teacher Professional Development

There is a need to provide this information to educators around the world, using a variety of tools and strategies. Right now the Academy will offer four levels of individual professional development:

Content of Individual Teacher Professional Development Online Courses

School-level or District-level services

In addition to individual classes for teachers to implement e-portfolios in individual classrooms, there is a need to support institutional planning and implementation, either at the school or district level. These services can be provided over the Internet or face-to-face. Here are examples of the services that are available.

Assessment and Planning Assistance to Schools and School Districts

E-Portfolio Learning

Effective Practice with E-Portfolios (PDF)

Descriptions of Online Courses Planned

It has become apparent that there is a need for multiple courses, meant to answer three questions about Electronic Portfolios in K-12 Schools:

In summary, the following courses are planned: a generic, tool-neutral short course that provides an overview of electronic portfolios; a more in-depth course that supports specific implementation with students using Google Apps (later, a course on WordPress/EduBlogs may be offered, if there is enough interest); a course on creating a digital narrative/story to add voice to e-portfolios; a course to build a professional portfolio (may be taken simultaneously with overview course); and a course to support classroom-based research on implementation of electronic portfolios. For those concerned about how to use data management systems to collect assessment data about student learning, another course will be developed, if there is sufficient interest. Courses are currently under development and submitted for approval by Seattle Pacific University for Professional Development Credit.

    1. Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Google Apps -- Participants focus on using Google Docs, Sites, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Digication, Teacher Dashboard.
    2. Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Mobile Devices -- Participants focus on using Mobile devices to support student reflection and learning portfolio development.
    3. Create Your Professional Portfolio using Web 2.0 tools -- Participants create a Professional Portfolio with choice of tools:
      Google Sites, WordPress Pages, WikiSpaces, Blogger Pages, Mahara (hosted at or
  • Assessment and Evaluation with Electronic Portfolios (This 2014 course is under development, and will look at data management systems to use electronic portfolios for institutional assessment and evaluation of K-12 student learning.) (How?) (starting in 2014)
  • Classroom-Based Research on Implementing Electronic Portfolios in K-12 Education - 1-3 variable credit - 10 weeks (may be repeated twice?) (20-60 hours) Prerequisite: Implementation class - This class is meant to support teachers the rest of the school year, to create an opportunity for a collaborative network to support classroom-based research on the implementation of electronic portfolios. (available in 2014)

Google Group set up to design courses: - Membership by invitation. To request invitation, fill out the form above and go to


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